VANTRUNK Vertical Adjustable Coupler, 316 SS

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Speedway Vertical Adjustable couplers (VAC) are used to join straight ladder and fittings where these need to be connected at offset angles when these lie in different planes. When connecting a VAC to a cable ladder fitting please connect via a Fitting to Fitting Coupler (FFC), turn to Page 69 for details.
Speedway Vertical Adjustable couplers are supplied singly and come complete with all necessary ladder fixing sets. Each vertical adjustable coupler comprises of two half plates complete with all necessary pivot fixings.
The arrangement of the pivot holes and elongated slots allows for infinite angular adjustment to suit specific site requirements. The vertical adjustable coupler features easi-bend slots which allow the couplers to be adjusted on site to create combined horizontal & vertical offset connections, ladder connections onto the side wall of a main run to form tees, or straight ladder & fitting connections directly to a floor or wall.

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