VANTRUNK Speedway Fitting To Fitting Coupler SW6

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Speedway Fitting to Fitting Coupler (FFC) facilitates the joining of two abutting cable ladder fittings with Speedlok Integral Couplers. The fitting to fitting coupler is also used when turning an equal cross into an unequal Cross.
The Fitting to Fitting Coupler is based on the traditional Speedway Cable Ladder profile which is manufactured to a length of 200mm. The FFC is available across the Speedway product range in SW4, SW5 and SW6. To allow for two cable ladder fittings to be secured each FFC has 5 rows of slots, containing an 11mm hole in the middle row to allow fixing of an Earth Bonding Strap (ESB-01)
To join two ladder fittings, first loose fit the FFC to one of the abutting fittings. Once the FFC is in place it will allow the secondary fitting to be positioned and fixed easily, tighten the fixings allowing the integral couplers to clamp onto the FFC profile thus providing a secure joining mechanism between the fittings.
An FFC will also be required when turning an Equal Cross (EC) into an Unequal Cross using a Reducer. Firstly the FFC should be secured loosely to the Cross, when both FFCs are in place secure the reducer. When all fixing locations are tightened the reducer will provide an immediate reduction to the equal cross. Please refer to Equal Crosses for more details.
The Fitting to Fitting coupler is supplied singly. To allow for full mechanical and environmental protection of cables, a Fitting to Fitting Cover will be required.

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