Ex-Tech Manual Call Point EX SS316, Switch: Single, Duty: None, Tag: None, LED: No, Flap: No, Entry: 4xM20, Body: Red CP125SNNNNARD

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This manual call point is certifi ed for use in Atex/explosive atmosphere, zone 1 & 2 for gas and zone 21 & 22 for dust. It is dedicated for Oil & Gas,chemical, petrochemical, pharmacy industries, marine and Offshore applications. It’s designed for corrosive environments and hazardous area.

The apparatus is compatible with PLC, ESD, DCS systems via output 4-20mA. The test function is built in, visualization functions, line detection, and glass protection, hammer, are optional.

Housing is made of stainless steel 316L covered with UV resistant paint.

A complete range of accessories is available to customize a products.

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