SemSound IP RS485 Interfaced Analouge and Digital I/O Expansion Unit

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The BMB01SEM is an input and output control port (I/O) expander for VIPEDIA-12SEM.
The VIPEDIA-12SEM is able to support the connection of up to 9 remote BMB01SEM units, connected by a multi-drop RS485 serial interface.
Each BMB01SEM unit provides the following inputs and outputs to extend the control and interfacing capability of the router:

•12 analogue inputs
•12 digital (opto-isolated) inputs
•12 digital (open collector) outputs

These input and output control ports may be used for functions such as: Program Selection, Volume Control, Fault Input,Routing Control, Routing Reset Input, External Fault Input, and BusyOutput.
The BMB01SEM is housed in a DIN-rail mountable enclosure suitable for use either within a central equipment rack or remotely, at distances of up to 1km from the Router.

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