SemSound IP Intelligent Addressable End of Line Unit

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• Addressable loudspeaker circuit monitoring
• No external PSU required
• Ideal for retrofit
• Up to 10 devices per loudspeaker circuit

Used in conjunction with the V2000SEM and LSZDCSEM, the Intelligent Addressable End of Line Unit enables loudspeaker circuit integrity to be monitored. The monitoring technique does not require DC blocking capacitors in the loudspeakers and is therefore ideal for retrofit applications.

The device is connected to and powered directly from the loudspeaker circuit by an inaudible tone generated by a D series amplifier. No external power supply is required.

For simple ‘end-of-line’ monitoring, a single device can be connected to the at the end of the loudspeaker circuit. Where more detailed information on the location of a loudspeaker circuit fault is required, up to 10 devices can be connected along a single circuit or to individual spurs. Each device is given a unique address ID using a rotary switch on the PCB. Loss of connection to any single device through an open circuit fault will be reported by the PAVA system identifying the ID of the specific device lost.

The Intelligent Addressable End of Line Unit can be used on loudspeaker circuits up to 1000 m in length. In order to prevent a fire from causing a short circuit and subsequent loss of audio broadcast, eachIntelligent Addressable End of Line Unit connects to the loudspeaker wiring by a ceramic terminal block and thermal fuse.

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