Pressure Relief Valve, spring operated, type 81PSF68-8, 3/4 Inch FNPT x 1 InchFNPT, CF8M/316 Seat PTFE, Set pr. 120 barg

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General Application

 Specific valve types are available for gas, vapor, liquid; gas or liquid thermal relief, cryogenic and chemically active applications.

Technical Data

┬áSizes: ┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬¢ÔÇØ x 1ÔÇØ to 2ÔÇØ x 3ÔÇØ (DN 15 to 50)

Orifices:                         0.049 to 1.287 in2 (0.316 to 8.303 cm2)

Connections:                NPT, Flanged

Temperature range:    -65°F to + 400°F (-54°C to + 205°C)

Set pressures:                50 to 6,000 psig (3.34 to 413.7 barg)

Code:                               ASME VIII


 Type 81P spindle design balanced against the effects of back pressure without the use of a bellows, reducing both initial purchase and associated long-term maintenance costs.

Seat Tightness Performance Specifications

 All pressure relief valves are checked for seat leakage per procedures outlined in API 527. The following operating pressures will allow for bubble-tight seat sealing performance.

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