Nozzle HNMP-4-10-0,17-00 ( 7-01-48-4-2-00), ID: L, Total Flooding, IMO 668 & 728, 100 BAR

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Nozzle Information:

Application: Machinery space total flooding 1838 m3

Orientation: Pendent

Nozzle I.D.: L (7-01-48-4-2-00)

Working pressure: 100 bar

K-factor: 0.17

Max ceiling height: 7.5 m

Nozzle spacing: 3.35 m

Maximum distance to wall: 2.0 m

Tested in accordance with: IMO 668 & 728

Approved by: BV

Pipe connection: ├ÿ10mm DIN 2353 M10S

Material: AISI 303 (stainless steel)


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