Ceag Wall Socket 110V

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Providing electrical energy there, where it is most needed ÔÇô even in hazardous areas for the Zones 1,2, 21 and 22.
Non-stationary electrical apparatus have generally high requirements on the energy/power supply. Robust plugs and receptacles as well as a high chemical resistance are at the first glance very important. Electrical reliability is a must not only for all connectivity products.
A high safety standard, a steady hold and faultless contacting even under vibration or the effects of an aggressive atmospheric environment are the basis for a secure and reliable utilisation.

ÔÇó Nickel-plated contacts
ÔÇó Low insertion force
ÔÇó Safety standard IP66 applies also in the plugged-in state
ÔÇó Full AC-3 switching ability
ÔÇó Self-cleaning lamellar contacts, low transition resistance
ÔÇó All-pole on/off switching
ÔÇó Easy plugging

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