Slave clock type Lumex 7, PoE Digital

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LUMEX 5/7/12 is an elegant digital clock for indoor use designed to fit the sophisticated environments of today’s Business society. The black case provides an elegant impression.
The digits formed of SMD diodes
Lumex 5 viewing distance up to 20 m
Lumex 7 viewing distance up to 35 m
Lumex 12 viewing distance up to 50 m

Diode colour available is red, green and yellow
The light intensity of the digits is adjustable by a dimmer control.
Easy to program – via three buttons (NTP configurated via web browser).
48 hours running reserve. After a mains failure correct time is automatically displayed.

Operation method
– Stand alone
– Slave Clock 24VDC polar reversing imp. 1/1-
alt. 1/2-min or Time Code from Master Clock
Other versions
– NTP, 230VAC or PoE (Power over Ethernet)
– Wireless
– RS232/World time

Single sided for surface wall mounting orsingle/double sided using bracket.

122983-00 Radio synchronization RDS
122984-20 Radio synchronization DCF-77
122980-00 Satellite synchronization GPS
Chronometer, temperature

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