Cavicel Offshore Optical Cable 8 fibres, singlemode 9/125 OS1/OS2 MLO-009-08(2)-M1-A1-FR QFCU (DNV) ÔÇô MUD, Outer sheath: Orange

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  • 8 Fibre Configuration: With 8 fibres, this cable offers a lower capacity for data transmission compared to cables with higher fibre counts. It is suitable for applications where a smaller number of connections are required.
  • Singlemode Fibre: The cable utilizes singlemode fibres, specifically with a 9/125 micron core/cladding diameter ratio (OS1/OS2). This configuration allows for efficient signal transmission over long distances.
  • Offshore Application: The cable is specifically designed for offshore environments, making it suitable for use in marine installations. It is built to withstand the challenges and harsh conditions encountered at sea.
  • Orange Outer Sheath: The cable features an orange outer sheath, providing high visibility and aiding in identification. This feature facilitates accurate and efficient cable management, especially in complex offshore environments

Our cables have undergone the following testing and comply with the following standards and requirements:

  • NEK 606 Ed. 4: This standard is specifically designed for cables intended for use in oil and gas industrial installations.
  • IEC 61034-1/2: This standard defines methods for measuring the emission of gas and smoke from burning cables.
  • IEC 60754-2 and IEC 60754-1: These standards specify testing methods for measuring the amount of toxic gas emitted during combustion of cables.
  • IEC 60332-3-24 and IEC 60332-3-22: These standards outline the requirements for flame propagation testing of single vertical electrical cables and bundled electrical cables, respectively.
  • IEC 60331-25: This standard defines the test procedure for determining the fire resistance of cables under fire conditions.
  • IEC 60092-360: This standard provides guidelines for the construction, installation, and testing of electrical cables in shipboard and offshore applications.
  • IEC 60794-1-2 and IEC 60794-1-1: These standards specify the requirements for optical fiber cables, including mechanical and environmental testing.
  • DNVGL CP-0402: This is a classification guideline from DNV GL, which provides requirements for the design, construction, and testing of electrical, instrumentation, and telecommunication cables for offshore applications.

By meeting these testing requirements and standards, our cables demonstrate compliance with industry specifications, ensuring their suitability for use in various demanding environments.


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