Brattberg Frame RGSFB-6 Primed

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RGSF is a standard RGS transit frame with a flange that allows the frame to be welded into a hole which is slightly larger than the frame. RGSF comes in the four standard sizes, 2, 4, 6 and 8, and has the standard measurements of the RGS, but with the added width of the flange: 60 mm (2.36ÔÇØ) wide and 10 mm (0.39ÔÇØ) thick.
RGSF can also be installed in multiple frames
For installations where cables are already in place, specify RGSFO which has a removable end.
The RGSFB transit frame is similar to RGSF except that it is bolted to the deck or bulkhead. The bolted frames can be used in areas where hot working is prohibited, or when the stress level induced by welding is unacceptable.
RGSFB frames are supplied in kit form, complete with drilled holes, bolts, nuts, washers and a gasket or sealing compound. The standard sizes and weights are the same as for RGSF.
For installations where cables are already in place, specify RGSFBO which has a bolted removable end

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