Brattberg Blind Plug 15/0

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MFR No: 3-00400150

The range of blocks accommodates cables between 3,5 – 101,5 mm (0.14-4.0”) in diameter. It is important that the insert block is the right size, with respect to the cable, to ensure a proper seal.
Measure the cable diameters carefully and choose insert blocks accordingly. With the sizing chart on next page you can choose the correct size of insert blocks.
Blocks are referred to by their width (A) and hole diameter (B).
Thus, a block with a width of 15 mm (0.59”) and a hole diameter of 4 mm (0.16”) is referred to as 15/4. This designation is moulded into the block.

Spare room in each frame is filled out with solid insert blocks. Called spares, they bear the designation A/0. Blocks are referred to by their width (A), followed by the designation /0 (indicating solid). Thus a block with a width and height of 15 mm (0.59”) is referred to as 15/0. The length of insert blocks is always 60 mm (2.36”)


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