Adaptor M16-M20 ATEX

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Adaptors and reducers provide a method of matching electrical thread forms on hazardous area approved equipment while ensuring that integrity and Ex approval of the installation is maintained.
Manufactured from hexagon material to facilitate easy installation they are also complete with a captive o-ring seal. The o-ring is located in a recess on the face of the product, helping to protect the o-ring from environmental damage and ensuring that it is not displaced during installation.
Adaptors are used where the thread size of the cable gland or connection device is larger than, or of an equivalent size, to the entry thread of the enclosure.
Reducers are used where the thread size of the cable gland device is smaller than the entry thread enclosure.
Adaptors and reducers are designed for hazardous area applications and are certified to protection concepts Exd “Flameproof” and Exe “Increased Safety” for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 applications.

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